Trans and Non-Binary Oversight


The Trans and Non-Binary Oversight Subcommittee works on behalf of the CSU community, striving to create a culture and climate where all at CSU are welcomed, valued and affirmed.  We believe that providing the opportunity for individuals to share their preferences regarding gender identity, name, and pronouns helps support an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment.  The subcommittee is part of an umbrella of campus advocacy groups that collaborate on and communicate about current initiatives, including the Inclusive Physical and Virtual Campus Committee, Health Network Transgender Health Care Team, Gender Identity Task Force, and Women and Gender Collaborative.

This subcommittee met its charge when it drafted recommendations for the President’s Cabinet in 2017.


Reports & Recommendations

This subcommittee met their charge when they created the following recommendations for the President’s Cabinet in 2017:


  1. Create list of campus offices where:
    1. Preferred name can and will be used, or is already being used.
    2. Legal name must be used.
  2. Address systems issues, when possible, to increase functionality surrounding preferred name.
  3. Support the use of an official, centrally stored preferred name in the Student Information System.
  4. Communicate to campus community:
    1. Support creation of University policy regarding “name”.
    2. Support transparent messaging, by enhancing information to students and employees regarding preferred name use on campus (include process).
    3. Prioritize and educate key campus constituents, for example New Employee Orientation, New Department Chair Trainings, Council of Deans Meeting, etc.

Areas of Focus For Future Committee(s) Consideration

  1. Gender Identity: use work from Gender Identity Task Force, to guide next steps. Potential changes to CSU Admissions Application may guide timeline. Currently being worked on by Disaggregating Identity Data Subcommittee.
  2. Use of pronouns: being worked on by the Pronoun Statement Subcommittee