Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention


On March 31, 2016 the Council on Strategic Diversity Initiatives, renamed the President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion, met.  The Commission discussed the University’s response to the CSU students’ recommendations given to the administration on November 16, 2015.

Specifically, the Commission engaged in a small group exercise to identify the obstacles to addressing student concern #2: “We recommend that the university significantly increase the percentage of racially diverse faculty and staff.”  The discussion of the named obstacles continued on April 28, 2016 when Diana Prieto, Office of Equal Opportunity Executive Director, addressed the CDI regarding current CSU search policies, including Search Chair and Equal Opportunity Coordinator training.  Following the discussion, a subcommittee convened to summarize the list of recommendations regarding the search process that will support addressing this student concern.

This subcommittee met their charge after presenting recommendations to the President’s Cabinet on April 18, 2017.


Tori Anderson

Tori Anderson

Research Associate IV | AP Council Vice Chair
College of Agricultural Sciences | she/her/hers
Shannon Archibeque-Engle

Shannon Archibeque-Engle

Assistant Vice President for Diversity
Office of the Vice President for Diversity | she/her/ella
Maria Chavez

Maria Chavez

Research Assistant
Graduate School | She/her/hers
Sue Doe

Sue Doe

Professor | Chair, Faculty Council
College of Liberal Arts | She/her/hers
Robyn Fergus

Robyn Fergus

Executive Director and Chief Human Resources Officer
Human Resources | she/her/hers
Diana Prieto

Diana Prieto

Vice President for Equity, Equal Opportunity, and Title IX
Office of Equal Opportunity | she/her/ella
Kathy Sisneros

Kathy Sisneros

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Vice President for Student Affairs

Reports & Recommendations

The Hiring Subcommittee presented the following report and recommendations to Cabinet on April 18, 2017. (The unit responsible for each action is listed in parenthesis)

Equal Opportunity Coordinators

(Vice President for Operations, Vice President for Diversity)

  • Recommendation: Hire 10 (or more) professional Equal Opportunity Coordinators who are centralized in the Equal Opportunity Office to serve on university search committees to provide consistency across units. Currently Equal Opportunity Coordinators are volunteers whose EOC duties either consume their position or the role is not prioritized.
  • Until centralized professional Equal Opportunity Coordinators are in place, the following are the recommendations in the current structure:
    • Equal Opportunity Coordinators on committees must be affiliated with a unit external to the hiring unit.
    • Equal Opportunity Coordinators must participate in refresh training to institutionalize consistency and expectations, minimize the impact of bias, and advocate for diversity and inclusion.
    • Communicate widely the proactive nature of the role of the EOC to set expectations of hiring authorities, search chairs, and search committees.

Position Descriptions

(Vice President for Operations, Executive Director for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, Vice President for Diversity, Provost)

  • Include the Principles of Community in a visible way prior to applicant self-identification.
  • Include as a required qualification in position announcements, “As an equal-opportunity employer with a diverse staff and student population, we are interested in how your qualifications and experiences prepare you to work with faculty, staff and students from cultures and backgrounds different from your own.” Training about how to evaluate a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion will be incorporated into Search Chair and EOC training.
  • Allow hiring authorities to include as a required qualification demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion for all positions that work directly with students, e.g. Residence Director.
  • Include as a preferred qualification demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion for all positions if not listed as a minimum requirement.
  • Create a standardized Recruitment and Selection Toolkit for all searches based on University Advancement example.
    Education and training (Provost, Vice President for Diversity, Vice President for Operations, Executive Director for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity)
  • Require implicit bias training for all search chairs and Equal Opportunity Coordinators.
  • Define what is meant by “a commitment to diversity and inclusion.”
  • Educate hiring authorities and search chairs about the significance of the diversity statement.
  • Educate search chairs, hiring authorities, and Equal Opportunity Coordinators regarding inclusion of diversity statement in all job descriptions.
  • Prioritize and educate department chairs and unit directors on best practices for retention of diverse faculty and staff.
  • Allocate appropriate resources to implement these education and training priorities.

Advertising open positions

(Provost, Executive Director for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity)

  • Centralize advertising, e.g., Direct Employers, or Job Target, which could free resources for additional diversity advertising efforts and venues.
  • Utilize libraries to create a centralized database by college and division that lists advertising avenues. This would incorporate the current Equal Opportunity list and Multicultural Staff and Faculty Network recommendations.
  • Investigate the automation of Job Target through the Talent Management System to include the above venues.
  • Allocate appropriate resources to allow for recruitment and data gathering efforts.


(Unit Administrators, Deans, Executive Director for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, and Vice President for Diversity)

  • Investigate the frequency and reasoning of top candidates’ rejection of Colorado State University offers. (Unit Administrators, Deans)
  • Conduct “Stay Interviews” (as opposed to Exit Interviews) to assess climate and what is currently working to retain talent. (Executive Director for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, and Vice President for Diversity)

Ongoing Investigation and Development

(Executive Director for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, Vice President for Diversity, and Provost)

  • A contingent of the Commission on Diversity & Inclusion will conduct site visits to institutions with evidence-based practices in increasing faculty and staff diversity.
  • Develop a faculty hiring subcommittee of the Commission on Diversity & Inclusion to continue research into best practices and go beyond the scope of the current recommendations.