October 26, 2016 CDI Meeting Summary

President’s Commission on Diversity & Inclusion

Meeting Summary
October 26, 2016


1. Agenda

View meeting agenda here.

2. Members Present

Della Agbeke, Shannon Archibeque-Engle, Albert Bimper, Anita Bundy, Melissa Burt, Dan Bush, Josh Casto, Oscar Felix, Maria Fernandez-Gimenez, Vanessa Hayward, Mohammed Hirchi, Blanche Hughes, Mike Jaramillo, Linda Krier, Kelly Long, Arlene Nededog, Mary Ontiveros, Lisa Pappas, Diana Prieto, Jimena Sagas, Jennifer Schneider, Herman Shelton, Kathy Sisneros, Megan Skeehan, Ashley Stokes, Mary Stromberger, Leslie Taylor, Joe Tiner, Erin Vargas-Gutierrez, Ria Vigil, Cori Wong.  Melissa Trifiletti, Martin Carcasson

Jennifer Pedmeau for Alexis Kanda-Olmsted

3. Guest Speakers

A. Melissa Trifiletti, Director of Admissions, presented to the group. (link to powerpoint presentation)

B. Martin Carcasson, Professor in Communication Studies, and Director of Center for Public Deliberation, spoke to the group about our vision and where we are going. Since Tony gave us our charge, we have been meeting since May. This might be a good time for re-visioning and Martin’s office can facilitate..

Potential topics for discussion:

  • How do you feel things have been going?
  • Use of subcommittees
  • Use of meeting time
  • Length and frequency of meetings
  • Decision making / recommendation process
  • Prioritizing projects / topics
  • Training needs
  • Committee make up
  • Mission / charge
  • Reporting back – being a delegate

4. Announcements:

Website – please send photos to us for the website along with a brief bio.