May 29, 2019 PCDI Retreat Summary

President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

May 29, 2019

Retreat Summary


Members Present
Tom Biedscheid, Tim Gallagher, Connie Schimmels, Zaria Vick, Shannon Archibeque-Engle, James Pritchett, Meg Skeehan, Alicia Sprague, Mike Jaramillo, Gilbert John, Kirsten Slaughter-Rice, Mary Ontiveros, Kathy Sisneros, Lisa Pappas, Martin Carcasson, Cori Wong, Dan Bush, Arlene Nededog, Dora Frias, Anita Bundy, Jimena Sagas, Elizabeth Sink, Liba Pejchar, Leslie Taylor, Diana Prieto, Ashley Stokes, Katie Kalkstein, Pamela Graglia, Kyle Oldham, Roze Hentschell,



Alicia Sprague on behalf of Linda Krier, Kirsten Slaughter-Rice on behalf of James Pritchett,


Tiara Marshall, Ria Vigil, Carmen Rivera, Blanche Hughes, Bruno Sobral, John Henderson, Herman Shelton, Jennifer Schneider, Tori Anderson, Miguel Banuelos-Garcia, Carlos Olivo-Delgado, Jannine Mohr, Teresa McClure, Becca McCarty


  • Welcome, Mary Ontiveros


  • Dismantling Whiteness in our Work, Pamela Graglia and Dr. Kyle Oldham


  • Lunch – Networking, Mike Jaramillo


  • Introduction of Q & A with President Tony Frank, Mary Ontiveros


  • Conversations and discussions, Mike Jaramillo
  • Translation and interpretation of materials, Roze Hentschell
    • Focus on Spanish; created a survey and sent it out to campus
    • Doing research on other organizations, including the Poudre School District
    • Most pressing needs: access to a professional translation and interpretation service and funds to compensate CSU professionals who provide interpretation and/or translation
    • Each campus reviewed is unique – doesn’t seem to be a best practice that another campus can replicate.
    • Additional important considerations: CSU has many staff members who speak languages other than English. How do we effectively meet their needs? CSU has needs beyond Spanish; what we establish needs to attend to other languages most commonly spoken by students’ families and staff.
    • Recommendations: review position descriptions to accurately reflect needs of unit for translation and interpretation services. Invest in staff positions. Establish a partnership with a professional translation and interpretation services vendor. Conduct a more thorough assessment of Spanish speaking students, family members and staff needs in terms of Spanish interpretation and translation.
  • Gender, sexual orientation and pronouns, Meg Skeehan, Cori Wong, Leslie Taylor and Dora Frias
    • Current situation: on CSU application we ask for gender and only responses are male, female, or other.
    • Recommendations for change: immediate. We will request for gender questions to be framed as “your legal gender marker as it appears on official documents.”
    • Recommendations for change: over the next 12 months: incorporate three new identity question in RamWeb and in application for admission under the heading of “Your Identity and Pronouns.” First one would be gender identity, and it’s optional, folks can select all identities that apply. Second would be sexual orientation, and it’s optional, folks can check all that apply. Third would be pronouns.
    • Recommendations from the Pronoun Statement Committee: adopting a Pronoun Statement, charging a committee to develop content and additional resources to supplement the Pronoun Statement; discourage sending out Pronoun Statement without additional educational resources, including best practices and frequently asked questions.


  • Closing, Mary Ontiveros
  • Upcoming PCDI Meeting: June 26, 2019, 12:30 – 2:30 pm Grey Rock, Lory Student Center
  • For next meeting: revisit the recommendations made by the three committees: Disaggregating Data, Pronoun Statement and Interpretation of Materials.