June 26, 2019 PCDI Minutes Summary

PCDI Agenda

June 26, 2019

12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Grey Rock Room, LSC


Members Present
Kelly Long, Ria Vigil, Martin Carcasson, Roze Hentschell, Gilbert John, Mike Jaramillo,  Herman Shelton, Tom Biedscheid, Donnyale Ambrosine, Mary Ontiveros, Kim Mbadinga-Nzamba, Diana Prieto, Jennifer Schneider, Rudy Garcia, Meg Skeehan, Tori Anderson, Shannon Archibeque-Engle, James Pritchett, Melissa Burt, Leslie Taylor, Dan Bush, Ashley Stokes, Teresa McClure


Alicia Sprague on behalf of Linda Krier


Laurie Dean, Anita Bundy, Miguel Banuelos-Garcia, Blanche Hughes, John Henderson, Tim Gallagher, Dora Frias, Linzhi Douglass, Carmen Rivera, Liba Pejchar, Lisa Pappas, Pam Jackson, Carlos Olivo-Delgado, Rosa Martey, Tiara Marshall, Arlene Nededog, Becca McCarty, Kathy Sisneros, Connie Schimmels


National Western Presentation, Jocelyn Hittle

Recruitment Materials for People of Color, Donnyale Ambrosine

  • Charge: to investigate, decipher and recommend a plan of action to create recruitment materials for people of color when hiring for CSU
  • Subcommittee took time to go through different sections of the university and hear what was needed
  • Plan of Action: Three Areas of Introspection
    • Research
      • Undercover practices for administrative areas, colleges, and faculty
    • Execution
      • Provided recommendations on tools for recruitment and reasoning for use of those tools
    • Communication
      • Devised suggested messaging
      • Based on research and execution outcomes
    • Next steps: review final report and see what resources are available to proceed.


Class Intersectional Topics Subcommittee, Tom Biedscheid


Translation and Interpretation Subcommittee, Roze Hentschell

  • PCDI voted to approve the following recommendations:
    • Review position descriptions to accurately reflect needs of unit for translation and interpretation services.
    • Invest in staff positions.
    • Establish a partnership with a professional translation and interpretation services vendor.
    • Conduct a more thorough assessment of Spanish speaking students, family members and staff needs in terms of Spanish interpretation and translation.


Disaggregating Data, Leslie Taylor

  • PCDI voted to approve the following recommendations:


  • Immediately request that the existing gender question be updated to:

Your Legal Gender Marker (sex) (required): Male | Female | X or Other

Legal Gender Marker refers to your sex as it appears on official documents such as your birth

certificate, passport etc. It is sometimes referred to as sex assigned at birth, although it may be

legally changed. CSU is required to provide a legal gender marker for all students in order to

remain compliant with State and Federal reporting guidelines, particularly Selective Service. If

you opt to not respond, a gender will be assigned for you in those reports, though not on your

CSU student record.


  • Over the next year, incorporate three new Identity questions in RAMWeb and in the

application for admissions.

Your Identity and Pronouns (optional)

The following questions give you an opportunity to share important aspects of your identity.

Responses to these questions also allow us to better meet the needs of all our students. Your

answers are protected under FERPA and access to this data will be restricted. It will be used to

report in only aggregate, not at the individual level, to help us make informed, data-driven

decisions about campus support and resources. If you become a CSU student, you will have the

option to change your responses at any time in the RAMweb student portal


  • Gender Identity (Optional)

Gender identity is one’s innermost concept of self as male, female, a blend of both or

neither – how individuals perceive themselves and what they call themselves. One’s

gender identity can be the same or different from their sex assigned at birth and/or

legal gender marker. Please select all that apply.

_ Agender

_ Gender Queer/Fluid/Non-Binary/Non-Conforming

_ Man

_ Trans/Transgender

_ Two-Spirit


_ Prefer not to disclose

_ Not listed above, please specify _____________

  • Sexual Orientation (Optional)

Sexual orientation is the inclination, capacity or lack of to develop intimate emotional

and sexual relationships with people.

_ Asexual

_ Bisexual

_ Gay

_ Heterosexual/Straight

_ Lesbian

_ Pansexual

_ Queer

_ Same-gender loving

_ Two-Spirit

_ Prefer not to disclose

_ Not listed above, please specify _____________

If you identify within the LGBTQ+ Community, the Pride Resource Center will reach out to

you about programs and resources. You will have an opportunity to opt out of continued



  • Pronouns (Optional)

Often, people make assumptions about the gender of another person based on the

person’s appearance or name. These assumptions are not always correct, and making

assumptions about someone may cause harm. We are asking your pronouns so that we

are able to honor you and your identities. Just like we honor you by calling you by your

name, we would like to also use accurate pronouns. Pronouns are words that refer to

either the people talking (I or you), or someone or something that is being talked about

(she, them, he). Gender pronouns (he/she/ze etc.) specifically refer to people that you

are talking about.

_ Ask individual

_ He/Him/His

_ She/Her/Hers

_ They/Them/Theirs

_ Per/Per/Pers

_ Ze/Hir/Hirs

_ Name only

_ Prefer not to disclose

_ Not listed above, please specify _____________

Student identified pronouns will be available to campus faculty and administrative staff

(advisors, administrative and student support staff, etc.). If you choose not to answer or

select “Prefer not to disclose”, your pronouns will be listed as “Data Not Available”.