January 30, 2019 PCDI Meeting Summary

President’s Commission on Diversity & Inclusion

January 30, 2019

Meeting Summary

Members Present

Zahra Al-Saloom, Shannon Archibeque-Engle, Miguel Banuelos-Garcia, Albert Bimper, Anita Bundy, Melissa Burt, Dan Bush, Martin Carcasson, Dora Frias, Tim Gallagher, Roze Hentschell, Blanche Hughes, Pam Jackson, Mike Jaramillo, Gilbert John, Megan Jones, Kelly Long, Tiara Marshall, Rosa Martey, Becca McCarty, Teresa McClure, Arlene Nededog, Mary Ontiveros, Liba Pejchar, James Pritchett, Carmen Rivera, Jimena Sagás, Connie Schimmels, Kathy Sisneros, Megan Skeehan, Bruno Sobral,  Alicia Sprague, Leslie Taylor, Ria Vigil, Cori Wong.


Alicia Sprague on behalf of Linda Krier, Becca McCarty on behalf of Diana Prieto


Donnyale Ambrosine, Becki Atadero, Tom Biedscheid, Rudy Garcia, Linda Krier, Kim Mbadinga-Nzamba, Jannine Mohr, Keely Mendicino, Lisa Pappas, Diana Prieto, Jennifer Schneider, Herman Shelton, Ashley Stokes.


 PCDI Organization/Operation:

  • Tony asked for all CSU committees to have similar structure, which means we need to add a co-chair to PCDI.
  • We also want to add “at-large” positions so that we can have people join PCDI who are interested but who aren’t necessarily representing a particular group on campus.
  • This subcommittee is also working on job descriptions for committee members.
  • Cabinet members will be considered ex-officio members.
  • All of these changes will be written up and distributed to PCDI.

Institutional Diversity Strategic Plans:

  • Mini-retreat on January 15th.
  • Diversity strategic plan leads got together to provide a stop-gap for gaps that they saw in the plans, typically around enrollment and access.
  • Evaluations will be due the middle of June and October will be when the second round goes out.
  • VPD is giving out $12,000 for matching mini-grants. Shannon will send out an email with these details on February 5th.
  • Results from the campus climate survey will be available to everyone on February 8th. They will give division and college level presentations, but not unit level.
  • Shannon will schedule a presentation for PCDI.

Recruitment and Hiring:

  • This group made recommendations around equal opportunity coordinators that was presented to cabinet in 2016.
  • Shannon is meeting with Diana Prieto to ask questions before the next subcommittee meeting.
  • Will be discussing exit interviews and exit interview reports.
  • Shannon would like to hear questions that we have that we want more context from Diana about:
    • Close the loop on grievance processes with those who talked to the ombudsman. There’s another vein of closing that feedback loop so that we know what kinds of things people are challenged by to get ahead of in recruitment and hiring practices.
    • In CVMBS, they can say what they do but they can’t validate their role, which is critical because if they can’t actually do what they’re supposed to do it invalidates the entire process. Can we have ways of verifying the activity of the EOC?

Disaggregating Data:

  • At next meeting looking at racial and ethnic identities: what and how can we ask the questions that provide the data required for the government and other reporting, and where and how can we ask the questions that provide the data that we want.
  • UC Berkeley is a model for us.
  • Dora is taking the lead on sex identity/gender identity.
  • JoAnn is taking the lead on racial and ethnic identities.
  • Marianne Walsh is looking for options on gender identity on application.
  • How does the status of Colorado’s laws and guidelines impact what we do?

Pronouns Statement:

  • Jimena and Cori are the new co-chairs of the Commission for Women and Gender Equity.
  • The original charge of this subcommittee was to develop a statement the university could use to broadly encourage people to use pronouns. The committee decided it’s more than just putting out a statement – we need to have more resources available around understanding the why and the what of sharing pronouns, which has broadened the scope of this committee. This is shifting the committee towards more of a working group than one than simply making recommendations.
  • The Pride Resource Center and the Women and Gender Advocacy Center have tip sheets about how to support our trans and non-binary folks on campus available on their websites.

Translation & Interpretation of Materials:

  • Oscar Felix was the chair, now Roze Hentschell and John Henderson are co-chairs.
  • Have decided to focus on Spanish interpretation and translation for student and external relations. The navigation that students are facing when they’re talking to families, to communities, about their time at CSU. Financial aid, education abroad, etc. Biweekly meetings.
  • Committee members:
    • Charlotte Salinas, Christie Mathews, Teresa Metzger, Bruno Sobral, Lupe Salazar, Arlene Nededog, Sylvia Martinez, Priscilla Gardea, Ashley Stokes.

Class Intersectional Topics:

  • No one present to provide updates.

Recruitment Material for Faculty & Staff of Color:

  • No one present to provide updates.

Faith, Belief, and Religious Observances:

  • Source article about the calendar
  • VPD and VPSA co-hosting a webinar on March 14th about the critical role of campus ministry.
  • Ria has chaired this committee for 3 years, but for the spring and fall 2019 semesters Elizabeth Sink will be chairing.




  • PCDI February Meeting Wednesday, February 27th featuring dr. becky martinez and Dr. Sonja Ardoin.
    • Lunch from 12:30 – 1 and the session is from 1 – 3 p.m.
  • PCDI Retreat on Wednesday, May 29th from 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
    • Retreat Committee Volunteers: Mike Jaramillo, Bruno Sobral, Arlene Nededog, Miguel Banuelos Garcia, Tiara Marshall, Mary Ontiveros.

For next meeting’s agenda:

  • Discuss the use of “freshman” vs. “first-year” (or other terms) and who would have the responsibility and oversight for regulating this.