August 30, 2016 CDI Meeting Summary

President’s Commission on Diversity & Inclusion

Meeting Summary
August 30, 2016

1. Agenda

( No agenda available at this time.)

2. Members Present

Shannon Archibeque-Engle, Albert Bimper, Anita Bundy, Melissa Burt, Dan Bush, Josh Casto, Marco Durazo, Melinda Frye, Vanessa Hayward, Kaye Holman, Blanche Hughes, Pam Jackson, Mike Jaramillo, Bridgette Johnson, Linda Krier, Alexis Kanda-Olmstead, Kelly Long, Teresa McClure, Arlene Nededog, Kyle Oldham, Mary Ontiveros, Lisa Pappas, Diana Prieto, Jennifer Schneider, Kathy Sisneros, Megan Skeehan, Ria Vigil, Cori Wong.

3. Subcommittee updates

A Subcommittee needs to be created to address Holiday Celebrations and Guidelines. Ria Vigil has done some research and found guidelines on other websites. She has a foundation but would like to have some help with a committee to come up with guidelines (not policies) that could be sent out to departments by late October. Volunteers: Pam Jackson, Vanessa Hayward, Cori Wong, Marco Durazo, Jennifer Schneider and Ria will make up this committee, as well as someone from International Programs.

Mission / Vision Subcommittee:

The committee met twice during the summer and went through Tony Franks’ charge to the group point by point and came up with the mission statement. (link to mission statement?)  Discussion and recommendations followed.   The Subcommittee also documented the CDI’s Charge (link to Charge), based on Tony Frank’s charge to the group. Mary will be present at the next meeting to help provide background. Committee members should send their edits to Oscar prior to the next subcommittee meeting.

Hiring Practices Subcommittee:

The subcommittee created a draft and their goal is to get final feedback and vote on whether these recommendations can go forward. Discussion followed. Diana had recommendations related to her office and what they want to see used, specifically regarding EO coordinators. This subcommittee will work on recommendations talked about at today’s meeting before submitting their final recommendations (link to Hiring Practices Subcommittee page)