April 25, 2018 CDI Meeting Summary

President’s Commission on Diversity & Inclusion

Meeting Summary
April 25,2018

1. Agenda

  • Institutional Learning Outcomes
  • Diversity Plan


  • HR Update
  • Social Justice Leadership Institute
  • Women of Color Summit
  • PCDI Retreat


2. Members Present

Shannon Archibeque-Engle, Anita Bundy, Melissa Burt, Oscar Felix, Maria Fernandez-Gimenez, Vanessa Hayward, Roze Hentschell, Kaye Holman, Mike Jaramillo, Bridgette Johnson, Alexis Kanda-Olmstead, Linda Krier, Teresa McClure, Keely Mendicino, Arlene Nededog, Lisa Pappas, Carmen Rivera, Jimena Sagas, Jennifer Schneider, Kathy Sisneros, Megan Skeehan, Ashley Stokes, Joe Tiner, Ria Vigil, Cori Wong.


Albert Bimper, Dan Bush, Martin Carcasson, Tim Gallagher, Blanche Hughes, Pam Jacksom, Gilbert John, Kelly Long, Jannine Mohr, Mary Ontiveros, Leslie Taylor.


Becca McCarty for Diana Prieto, Megan Jones for Kevin Jablonski, Sean Jaster for Herman Shelton, John Harton from Physics was Arlene Nededog’s guest.


3. Welcome and Introductions


4. Institutional Learning Outcomes

  • Committee is seeking input on the draft document handed out.  Shannon asked for input by the end of next week from Commission members.  


5. University Diversity Strategic Plans

  • April 17 was the deadline for submittals.  Received from all but one unit.
  • Shannon and Oscar would like Commission members to look over and provide feedback.  
  • These will go back to units and they will finalize by May 22 to be submitted to Dr. Frank.


6. Good Ideas

  • Implementation was not mentioned much in any of the plans.
  • What will be done with evaluations?
  • Analysis timelines
  • Campus climate survey will be coming out in Fall 2018.  This year it will be tailored to each division to ask specific questions.  Would not be able to create demographics for release as this survey is anonymous.  
  • Diverse representation – what does that mean?  Who are they specifically targeting?
  • How are we defining marginalized?
  • There are methodological reasons why you want someone from the outside to work with your unit.  If you have budget there are lots of informative speakers that can be brought in.


7. Notes

  • Council of Deans meeting that Shannon and Oscar attended was well received.  All goals do not have to match. Not having expertise within their colleges to do this.  Deans are excited about this process and within the campus climate survey that they can individualize a section specifically for their unit.