April 24, 2019 PCDI Meeting Summary

President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

April 24, 2019

Meeting Summary

Members Present
Tori Anderson, Shannon Archibeque-Engle, Anita Bundy, Tom Biedscheid, Melissa Burt, Dan Bush, Linzhi Douglass, Dora Frias, Tim Gallagher, Rudy Garcia, Blanche Hughes, Mike Jaramillo, Gilbert John, Megan Jones, Kelly Long, Tiara Marshall, Arlene Nededog, Kim Mbadinga-Nzamba, Becca McCarty, Arlene Nededog, Carlos Olivo-Delgado, Mary Ontiveros, Lisa Pappas, Liba Pejchar, James Pritchett,  Jimena Sagás, Connie Schimmels, Jennifer Schneider, Elizabeth Sink, Kathy Sisneros, Herman Shelton, Meg Skeehan, Leslie Taylor, Ria Vigil, Cori Wong

Rachel McKinney on behalf of Linda Krier, Becca McCarty on behalf of Diana Prieto


Donnyale Ambrosine, Miguel Banuelos-Garcia, Martin Carcasson, John Henderson, Roze Hentschell, Pam Jackson, Linda Krier, Jannine Mohr, Teresa McClure, Rosa Martey, Diana Prieto, Carmen Rivera, Ashley Stokes, Bruno Sobral


Introductions & new members:
– Tori Anderson (rep from APC)


Employee Climate Survey Presentation

  • Surveys have been conducted every 2 years since 2012 – all data from prior surveys is online at diversity.colostate.edu
  • CSU is unique in the way that they disseminate the survey information as no one sees it before everyone sees it.
  • Guiding principles for the survey are confidentiality and transparency
  • Presentations for the 2018 results can be requested on diversity.colostate.edu – all completed presentations are online for all to see, including the one presented at PCDI
  • Multiple other reports using this data are currently online
  • Each iteration of the survey focuses on different items that are actionable
  • This year the survey response rate nearly doubled (58.5%) from last year (30.3%)
  • Survey focused on culture in order to hone in on department and division level results
  • Responses from survey participants who self-identified as Transgender/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming were less favorable overall than all other groups
  • Women had less favorable perceptions on all factors except their overall CSU perceptions and sense of belonging compared to men
  • State Classified respondents had less favorable perceptions for all factors and for the majority of items related to respect compared to Admin Pro respondents
  • The hope is that the results will help inform Institutional Diversity Strategic Plans all over campus, but not that these data are the only used for the plans


Discussion About Classism – Tom Biedscheid

  • Form: The Implications & Suggestions for Practice

o   Model was presented to start thinking about areas where we can start to focus

o   7 sections of model

  • Recognizing and Naming Classism
  • Seeing this clearly with results from Employee Climate Survey
  • Executive committees within colleges sometimes exclude other people because only Deans and other leaders are included
  • Engaging in Education and Training
  • Building on the work of Becky and Sonja (Class Action: a group that is really focused on disrupting classism)
  • Who is able to attend trainings based on work schedules, positions, etc.
  • Employees having to pay for professional development (conferences especially) up front
  • Being Aware of Upward Mobility Bias
  • Mindfulness in student recruiting
  • The value of Doctoral work and how people view it as a way to accomplish something
  • Explaining Jargon, the Hidden Curriculum, and Navigational Capital
  • Where on your website, in communications, syllabi, etc.
  • Evaluating Policies and Practices
  • The ways in which we think about giving raises on campus – getting away from the % and finding other ways of doing it.
  • Recent work on campus involving parental leave
  • OFA: thinking about how policies there affect low income students
  • If CSU is not going to receive the same state funding for raises, what else can CSU do that support folks related to class. How do we still recognize and value employees if the financial piece is not there?
  • Gathering Different Data
  • Again, the Employee Climate Survey has been great for looking into this data.
  • Learning About Campus and Community Resources
  • Basic Needs Security: A campus-wide effort
  • Bundling services at CSU


PCDI Retreat Committee Report


Disaggregating Data Subcommittee Report – Leslie

  • Leslie will send out drafts by email to the Commission
  • Decisions have been made on things that the group wants to do most quickly

o   First recommendation for change is for students: the use of legal gender marker and explanation of what a gender marker is.

o   Request for feedback from this group before May 29th Retreat because this committee wants to get this to Tony before he leaves, especially those that involve students



Dr. Robin DiAngelo – “Seeing the Racial Waters”

  • May 22 – 2-5:30pm – Naropa in Boulder
  • Funds to pay for registration and van for 10
  • Respond to Linda if you can attend


PCDI Retreat

  • Wednesday, May 29th 8:30-2:30
  • Location is to be determined
  • Scheduling issues with folks going to NCORE