Fostering a campus environment that
welcomes,values, and affirms
the contributions of all its members.

Spring 2021 Updates:

  • The Commission on Diversity and Inclusion is operating under a new structure and leadership team and is now housed within the Office of the Vice President for Diversity
  • Three co-chairs lead the Commission, connecting diversity, academics, and student affairs: Cori Wong, Karen Estlund, and Kathy Sisneros
  • Action items from CDI have been presented to the Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative including efforts on Pronouns and Translation Services

Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittees - Updates Coming Soon

Disaggregating Data

The Disaggregating Identity Data Subcommittee supports an inclusive community by providing optional questions that show Colorado State University (CSU) honors and recognizes many identities.

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Faith, Belief, and Religious Inclusion

The Faith, Belief, and Religious Inclusion Subcommittee focuses on leading a university-wide effort to improve the faith and belief literacy of all university members through practical tools, education, and outreach.

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The Hiring Subcommittee provided recommendations regarding the search process to support CSU’s goal to significantly increase the percentage of racially diverse faculty and staff.

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Mission & Vision

The Mission & Vision Subcommittee created a vision statement, a guiding mission, and a set of specific charges delineating the work of the President’s Commission for Diversity and Inclusion.

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Policies and Practices for Transgender Support

The Policies and Practices for Transgender Support Subcommittee provided recommendations regarding the use of pronouns and names to foster a more inclusive CSU community.

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Pronouns Statement

The Pronoun Statement Subcommittee is working to draft an institutional statement on pronoun use.

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Student Behavior

The Student Behavior Subcommittee recommended procedural changes in order to address discriminatory behavior directed at CSU staff/faculty by students.

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Translation and Interpretation

The Translation and Interpretation Subcommittee works to recommend policies and best practices around translation and interpretation for Colorado State University.

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