Fostering a campus environment that
welcomes,values, and affirms
the contributions of all its members.

Message from
President Tony Frank

“Whenever we love justice and stand on the side of justice we refuse simplistic binaries. We refuse to allow either/or thinking to cloud our judgment. We embrace the logic of both/and. We acknowledge the limits of what we know.” – bell hooks, “Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope.”

We created the President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion at Colorado State University with full acknowledgement that we have, unfortunately, a great deal yet to learn about the challenges and obstacles to inclusion faced by members of our community. We also have yet to fully comprehend the damage done to a learning community when promise goes untapped, barriers stand unchallenged, and privilege drives power. In a spirit of hope and possibility, we created this Commission – with the commitment that we can do this work of learning and change more effectively when more of us are at the table. And as the mission and charge to the Commission make clear, our success in this work is inextricably linked with how successful we can be in upholding our University’s land-grant mission to create opportunity and elevate education for all people.

Dr. Tony Frank


Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittees

Disaggregating Data

The Disaggregating Identity Data Subcommittee supports an inclusive community by providing optional questions that show Colorado State University (CSU) honors and recognizes many identities.

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Faith, Belief, and Religious Inclusion

The Faith, Belief, and Religious Inclusion Subcommittee focuses on leading a university-wide effort to improve the faith and belief literacy of all university members through practical tools, education, and outreach.

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The Hiring Subcommittee provided recommendations regarding the search process to support CSU’s goal to significantly increase the percentage of racially diverse faculty and staff.

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Mission & Vision

The Mission & Vision Subcommittee created a vision statement, a guiding mission, and a set of specific charges delineating the work of the President’s Commission for Diversity and Inclusion.

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Policies and Practices for Transgender Support

The Policies and Practices for Transgender Support Subcommittee provided recommendations regarding the use of pronouns and names to foster a more inclusive CSU community.

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Pronouns Statement

The Pronoun Statement Subcommittee is working to draft an institutional statement on pronoun use.

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Student Behavior

The Student Behavior Subcommittee recommended procedural changes in order to address discriminatory behavior directed at CSU staff/faculty by students.

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Translation and Interpretation

The Translation and Interpretation Subcommittee works to recommend policies and best practices around translation and interpretation for Colorado State University.

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